Sunday, May 10, 2009

Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC at NCC in Foreclosure for 4 Condos

Waterstone, who recently changed their LLC registered name to NCPCB Investments, LLC, is in Foreclosure for the 4 Condos they own here at Nautilus Cove, in building 7*. They had 30 year 6.625% mortgages through Compass Bank in Alabama and did not keep current on their monthly payments of $864.87.

They are also $1400 in arrears on each unit for their 2 missed quarterly association fee payments and it is expected that shortly liens will be filed on all 4 units. The principal players in this LLC are Chad Gilliland and local big time operator Mr. Alan O'Neal. Ben Edwards recently opted out of this LLC (rats = sinking ship?).

The owners civil suit against Waterstone/NCPCB continues for their prior conduct in renting out their units which were used as a dormotory for foreign workers (as is happening today with a non-Waterstone unit, #706).

* 710, 712, 714, 716


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