Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FYI: Waterstones Eviction from Calypso


Case 10-641-CC – Pelican Properties of South Walton sues Waterstone Resorts, LLC, to evict tenant Waterstone, and alleges that in Feb 2007, a verbal month to month lease was entered into.

On 2/10/10 Waterstone was served with a 15 day Notice to Terminate Tenancy. Waterstone did not vacate and remains on premises and refuses to surrender possession.

The summons was served on C. Anthony Edwards which resulted in attorney H. L. Perry to enter an Emergency Motion for a Stay of Writ and ask for a new hearing in the matter.

Waterstone objects to the Notice to Vacate and alleges a 6 year lease is in effect and that they have invested over $100,000 in upgrades to #102. Also that the information Pelican used in their original application was incorrect and a legal citation Pelican provided was later overturned and thus invalid.

The matter remains to be decided and W retains possession for now.

Double click for larger image or print out:

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

MISC Update FYI:

Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC HAD 4 condos at Nautilus Cove Condo in PCB. These have been foreclosed on by Compass Bank of Birmingham, AL, the tenants evicted and they are on the market. Compass is now suing Waterstone for the considerable $ they lost in dealing with Waterstone.

This firm has Alan O'Neal as the sole remaining Managing Member, Ben Edwards and 'Chad' Gilliland had themselves removed from the State Corp. listing. You might recall that this LLC changed its name to NCPCB Investments, LLC.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Waterstone Sucks!

Got some comments or complaints about the various Waterstone LLC's? Post on the Waterstone Sucks 'Message Forum' at:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Information you might find of interest about the various Waterstone LLC’s
Local real estate entrepreneurs Alan O’Neal, Ben Edwards, Michael ‘Chad’ Gilliland and Howard Granberry have approx 20 LLC’s and DBA’s, most having Waterstone” in their titles*.

WATERSTONE RESORT REALTY, L.L.C. has now changed its name to: NCPCB INVESTMENTS, L.L.C. Ben Edwards and Chad Gilliland had their names removed from this sinking ship, leaving only Alan O’Neal as manager of the LLC. Their 4 condos at Nautilus Cove in PCB are now foreclosed and sold. The last condo going on the ‘Courthouse steps’ on 9/28/09. They leave Nautilus Cove Condominium, 13700 Panama City Beach Pky, PCB, owing approx $8,000 in unpaid Assn. dues and 4 unpaid liens to the association. Compass Bank got stuck for approx. $660,000 in dud mortgages. Waterstone was a bad neighbor and by any name will not be missed.

WATERSTONE RESORTS, L.L.C. has finally paid off the 4 Warrants/Liens for $116,000 that were filed by the State of Florida for Waterstone’s unpaid Sales and Use taxes which were not turned over to the State.

Waterstone spends a lot of time in the Bay County Courts, a few suits for debts were settled, 3 other civil cases continue, 08-5450CA is alleging Fraud and Breach of Contract with a local firm; 08-CA-2529 is going on 16 months now for improper rental of their now foreclosed N.C.C. condos, renting them for use by a labor contractor who used them as dorms to house foreign workers employeed at the local Marriott Resort; 09-123CA where they sue a blogger for posting online about how bad they are; 5:09-cv-00277-RS-MD in Federal Court they have a Discrimination & Retaliation case courtesy of a former Senior Maintenance worker Mark Ballard, who they fired after 2 injuries at work resulted in Workman’s Compensation Claims.

* the same people involved in the various "Waterstone" companies with various combinations of names.
DBA: Waterstone Real Estate

DBA: Waterstone Real Estate



(Name changed to NCPCB INVESTMENTS, LLC)

DBA: Waterstone Resort, LLC




10) SWF Mgmt, LLC

11) Waterstone Resorts and Vacation Homes

12) Waterstone Realty, LLC
DBA: Waterstone Realty

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3/2 NCC Condos now available at $51,000

As you know the 4 Waterstone condos are in foreclosure, the first to be sold at the Courthouse steps is #710, and it brought only $51,000, and was sold to Compass Bank, who held the mortgage. On 4/27/07 each unit was sold to Waterstone at $164,900 with Compass Bank providing the mortgages.

This leaves a deficit of about $116,000 owed to Compass Bank, the other condos may go in the same range leaving Compass still due about $460,000 from Waterstone/NCPCB Investments. Probably Compass intends to bid on all the remaining units. Of course anyone can buy the remaing 3, if you want a bargain on them then you can go to the north steps of the Bay County Courthouse on the date specified and put in your bid. Details on the 4 NCC units can be found using the direct links below.

RE: #710
8/18/2009 PAYMENT $70.00 RECEIPT #2009044078

710 Sold 8/18/09

712 To be sold 8/31/09 11 a.m.


714 To be sold 9/10/09 11 a.m.


716 To be sold n/a


Waterstone currently owe $8,400 in unpaid quarterly assessments to the condo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Waterstone LLC's spend a lot of time in various courts:

On 8/13 the 3rd of the 4 Waterstone condos in the 7 building was foreclosed (with a summary judgment of $167,517) and will be sold at the Courthouse at 11 am on 9/10/09. The last of the 4 (#716) has a final hearing on 8/26.

You may recall that on July 15, Compass Bank of Birmingham, Al received a 'Summary Judgment in Foreclosure' for the Waterstone condo #710 in the amount of $167,088. This unit is to be sold at Public Sale at 11 a.m. Aug 18th at the Bay County Courthouse.
On July 29th Compass Bank received another Judgement, this time for the Waterstone condo #712 for $167,517 and it will be sold at Public Sale at 11 a.m. on Aug 31st.

Waterstone currently owe $8,400 in past quarterly assessments to the condo.

As you can see from the above Waterstone gets into a load of legal problems.
There are about 13 LLC's managed by the same group of people (O'Neal, Edwards, Gilliland) and 8-9 have Waterstone in their titles.
Here is yet another court case involving this same group:
5:09-cv-00277-RS-MD - BALLARD v. WATERSTONE RESORTS LLC - Date filed: 08/12/2009

Mark Ballard, a white male, senior maintenance worker for Waterstone Resorts, LLC of Destin, filed a civil action in Bay County Court on June 16, 2008, it was removed to Federal Court (Case No 09-277) on Aug 12th on Waterstone's application.

Ballard says in part that while in the employment of Waterstone he injured his back both in Feburary and March 2008, reported it, filed for Workman's Compensation and that he was subsequently fired both because he made claims for Workmans Compensation and partly due to age discrimination as he was replaced by a younger worker. An initial claim by Waterstone that he was fired 'for viewing pornography on company computers' was later replaced by the claim that his job was eliminated.

His Count 1 is for 'Age Discrimination' and Count 2 if for Violation of 440.205 "for retaliation after Plaintiff sought benefits under Chapter 440, Florida Statutes."


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coming In October-

To stores on the Beach and via mail orders:
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* Tote Bags
* Mugs
* Key Chains
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* Beach Towels

* Caps

Chose Between:
* "Waterstone Sucks!" &
* "I've Been Screwed by Waterstone!"

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Waterstone Cases in Bay County Florida

Below you can use the 'click on' link to see how the various cases are progressing through the Court system. Four cases involve civil actions and the remaining 4 are foreclosures. You can also go to:
http://records2.baycoclerk.com/oncoreweb/Search.aspx in order to pull up the initial documents in the various foreclosures.

If you want to look at the 4 civil suit filings, then you have to go to the Bay County Courthouse and use their computer terminals to view these cases. If you need copies you have to pay $1 per page. These cases can also be ordered and sent to you via fax or email attachment, again it is $1 a page.

(Issue: Renting units in violation of documents)

COMPASS BANK v. WATERSTONE (Foreclosure 716)

COMPASS BANK v. WATERSTONE (Foreclosure 714)

COMPASS BANK v. WATERSTONE (Foreclosure 712)

(Issue: Internet posting unfavorable to Waterstone)


Friday, May 22, 2009

This is a place holding blog to provide information regarding the various Waterstone LLC's in the NW Florida area.

It it not intended to provide many details regarding this specific property but is set up to inform consumers who use a search engine for this resorts name that other blogs regarding this consumer unfriendly group of companies exist so that you may check them out before dealing with them. My own experiences and court cases with them are found on some of these blogs.

A typical group of consumer comments about their HQ property is found at:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Waterstone/NCPCB presence here at Nautilus Cove is soon to be ended. The 4 foreclosures against their units in the 7 Building are proceeding and unless there is a last minute bankruptcy filing the condos will soon be property of the Compass Bank in Birmingham. The below summary is for the #710 condo.
Double click for larger image or print out for your file.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC at NCC in Foreclosure for 4 Condos

Waterstone, who recently changed their LLC registered name to NCPCB Investments, LLC, is in Foreclosure for the 4 Condos they own here at Nautilus Cove, in building 7*. They had 30 year 6.625% mortgages through Compass Bank in Alabama and did not keep current on their monthly payments of $864.87.

They are also $1400 in arrears on each unit for their 2 missed quarterly association fee payments and it is expected that shortly liens will be filed on all 4 units. The principal players in this LLC are Chad Gilliland and local big time operator Mr. Alan O'Neal. Ben Edwards recently opted out of this LLC (rats = sinking ship?).

The owners civil suit against Waterstone/NCPCB continues for their prior conduct in renting out their units which were used as a dormotory for foreign workers (as is happening today with a non-Waterstone unit, #706).

* 710, 712, 714, 716

See: http://nautiluscondosrules.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

William Harris v. Nautilus Cove Condominium Assn, Inc and Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC

For those of you following this civil suit you might recall that it started on June 10, 2008 and on Jan 13, 2009 this matter was scheduled for arbitration May 12, 2009 at 9:30 a.m., at the law office of Hutto and Bodiford in Panama City, Florida. The attorney for Nautilus Cove Condominium is Steven Applebaum who had insisted that the matter go to arbitration.

In the latest nonsense from attorney Applebaum, he writes in part: "I cannot agree to the arbitration that is presently scheduled for May 12, 2009, in the above referenced matter. My assistant scheduled the arbitration date without my knowledge and I have just been made aware of said date . . . my client will not be attending the arbitration . . . and I ask that it be cancelled. In any event my client will not be bound by any decision made at arbitration if you intend to move forward with the arbitration."

Total costs are estimated at $25,000.
Details at: http://nautiluscovesuit2008.blogspot.com/


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Legal Update: Harris v. Waterstone and NCC BOD

Readers here might recall that I had some complaints about the rental of condos by Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC and complained to the NCC BOD repeatedly From Sept 07 until June 10, 2008 when I had my attorney file suits against both Waterstone and the NCC Association.

The matter was ordered to Arbitration by Judge Costello over 2 months ago. So far both the NCC BOD and Waterstone (now known as NCPCB Investments, LLC) have been totally uncooperative in setting a date for this to proceed.

I do understand why Waterstone/NCPCB Investments seek a delay, in my opinion, they are as close to going out of business as to make no real difference. They are behind on their assessments, haven't paid their mortgage to Compass Bank since July 08 and are now in forclosure on 710, 712, 714 and 716, so the delay is an obvious attempt to avoid having to answer for their screw up in renting illegally.

The motives of the Association BOD is less clear. I would write this off to simple indifference on their part as 2 of the 3 BOD members are developers of the complex and really could not care less what happens here.

The problem is that this matter will eventually be heard and decided with the loser paying ALL costs and attorney fees for both sides. Since I am not dumb enough to start a civil action that wasn't a sure winner I'm afraid that, with Waterstone pretty much down the tubes, the NCC owners will be on the hook for the costs and attorney fees of about $25,000. This will probably mandate a special assessment as there is no provision in the 2009 budget for this.

The matter never needed to go to court in the first place, but the BOD and Seagrove Management Company repeatedly ignored the complaints about the condo misuse. In fact the BOD and current management company (Concord) are still ignoring another similar matter with the misuse of 706.

Details can be found at:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Update FYI

1) Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC filed on 2/16/09 with an 'amendment' to their Articles of Organization to change the name of their LLC to: NCPCB Investments, LLC this is found at http://www.sunbiz.org/pdf/43445662.pdf

2) The 4 condos that 'were' owned by Waterstone at Nautilus Cove Condo are in foreclosure. In regard to 712, the last payment to Compass Bank was made in July 2008. They are also behind in their quarterly assessments at the condo complex.

WATERSTONE RESORT REALTY LLC - (Primary) 09000944CA Civil http://records.baycoclerk.com/ovationweb/courtcase.aspx?casetype=Civil&case=09000944CA

Condo #710 WATERSTONE RESORT REALTY LLC - (Primary) 09000851CA Civil


Condo #712 WATERSTONE RESORT REALTY LLC - (Primary) 09000943CA Civil

WATERSTONE RESORT REALTY LLC - (Primary) 09000952CA Civil http://records.baycoclerk.com/ovationweb/courtcase.aspx?casetype=Civil&case=09000952CA

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are you sure you don't have time to read my blog?

You might find something here you like!
Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC owns 4 units at Nautilus Cove in PCB and as well as being behind on their quarterly assessments on all four a foreclosure has filed on their unit 710 on 2/20/09 by Compass Bank in Birmingham. Their tax liens remain as do several civil suits.

Also as to Nautilus Cove - 46 units are behind on their quarterly assessments, 10 by minor amounts, 12 by signifigant amounts.

Liens are filed on 6 units and 7 are being foreclosed on.

No condos have been sold this year and only three last year. 60 unsold remain in the hands of the developer (who is renting them out where he can) with 108 having been sold.

See also:




Sunday, January 25, 2009

A seperate Waterstone Site:

To review the latest Waterstone v. Harris civil suit click on:


Regular readers of this blog are aware that an owner at NCC has sued both the BOD and Waterstone. Now there is a second civil suit in Bay County Court, this time Waterstone has filed against the same owner, complaining that said owner is hurting their corporate image.

This is difficult to do as the firm is now being sued by 2 other firms for not paying their bills, this over and above the owners suit, they have 4 liens against them for over $118,000 in unpaid sales and use taxes owed to the State of Florida, they are poorly rated by the BBB, various realty message boards have damaging comments about how bad they are and as of last week were so behind with their quarterly assessments on their 4 condos at NCC that they may have liens filed against them in just a few more days.

Here is a sample of what has already been filed by Waterstone.

Their application asks for a temporary injunction, permanent injunction and final judgment prohibiting the Defendant as follows:

a. further slandering, defaming or even naming the Plaintiff Waterstone Resorts LLC on any blog site, website or any other media outlet and avenue, rather it be his personal blog or website or any other blog or website;

b. order the Defendant to disable any and all blogs and websites operated by the Defendant;

c. to provide a list to the Court of all parties the Defendant contacted by email, phone or any other form of communication in relation to Plaintiff Waterstone Resorts LLC.

In addition to asking for injunctive relief, damages unspecified they also demand a 'public apology'. The whole thing runs about 40 pages, but only 7 are the actual text.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Waterstone's HQ is now in the Calypso in PCB

Monday, January 12, 2009

Throwing Stones at Waterstone

You can find this article at the local blog site:
http://pcbdaily.com/?p=3249 If you have already seen this on that site just skip down to read other posts.


Throwing Stones at Waterstone
Written by Jason Koertge
Last Updated: January 12, 2009

Waterstone Resorts and Vacation Homes offer vacation rentals all over the state of Florida. On Panama City Beach they claim to manage properties from ten different resorts. The company’s website is full of glowing reviews and recommendations but if someone just scratches the Google search service a little, they will find numerous negative claims about Waterstone. If that is not enough a check of their status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) finds a C- rating due to a series of unresolved complaints. On a Waterstone blog website there is evidence that the BBB has given them an unsatisfactory rating, but this has not been discovered in any BBB materials as of yet.

“Waterstone Sucks,” seems to be the ringing sentiment of many current and past clients of the company found on blog websites all over the internet.

Jim Pitts, an owner at Calypso Resorts and Towers that used Waterstone, stated that he inspected his unit three times last year and each time the unit was filthy.
“The carpet was so dirty it had to be replaced,” Pitts said. “There was filth everywhere. The walls were marked up, dust and dirt caked on baseboards, light bulbs and even the toaster was dirty.”

Pitts wrote a handwritten note and email to Waterstone stating that he no longer wanted them to manage his properties. His communications went ignored until he sent a certified letter sometime later demanding that tenants be removed from his property and that Waterstone cease any further management of his property.
Pitts also feels that the company is unethical and unfair in their fee structure and maintenance.

“They charge the owner for travel agent fees on top of their own (fees) and they charge the owner for ‘credit card’ use. They will charge the owner a minimum of $22.50 every time they so much as set foot in the unit to do anything,” Pitts said.

“They rip the owners off with the keyless entry crap and owners of Calypso units need to understand that these people are absolutely ruining our investments. They need to be removed from the premises.”

Bill Harris, another individual who has had dealings with Waterstone, has set up numerous blog websites for angered property owners to vent their passions about Waterstone. These can be found at: http://www.waterstonerealty.blogspot.com/,
http://www.calypsoresorttowers.blogspot.com/, http://www.nautiluscovesuit2008.blogspot.com/ and http://www.nautiluscondosrules.blogspot.com/ .

Harris claims that Waterstone owns four units at Nautilus Cove Condominiums and that the company is currently past due on their condo’s quarterly assessments. There is also evidence that the State of Florida has already four outstanding liens against the company for over $118,000. If the Nautilus Cove past due amounts were not paid by the end of ’08 then Waterstone will be facing new liens.

Waterstone seems to find them self in a public relation nightmare. When a company ignores claims from concerned clients, there are avenues that these clients can take to attack the company’s reputation. As of right now, a Google search of “Waterstone Panama City” brings up typical listings for the company. The company should be aware that as these blog websites attract new participants there could be a day, not far off, that one of these blog websites could be ranked by a search engine right underneath the Waterstone website or even above it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waterstone at Calypso

I have a good number of blogs a few of them dealing with Waterstone, many of them have a direct click on link to a site where you can post about Waterstone http://pub19.bravenet.com/forum/1625886802. In checking today I found the below post which says better than I ever could just why Waterstone SUCKS - here it is FYI:

Author Comment Jim Pitts
Jan 4, 09 - 5:36 PM

Waterstone Sucks- I am an owner at Calypso. I had my unit with Waterstone. I've never stayed in the unit myself, but did inspect it three times last year and each time it was dirty. The first two times, I informed the desk and asked that they have the unit re-cleaned. I never checked back to see if it was done.

In Nov I again inspected the unit, it was not just dirty. It was filthy!! The carpet was so dirty, it had to be replaced. There was filth everywhere. The walls were marked up, dust and dirt caked on baseboards, light bulbs. Even the toaster was dirty. I was so disgusted, I gave the Waterstone office a handwritten note right then and told them they were fired.

They did not acknowledge the note, I sent them an email and again they did not respond. Finally on Nov 11, I sent them a certified letter telling them they were no longer to rent my unit and if they had renters, to put them elsewhere. I then undertook the job of totally renewing the unit with new carpet, paint, etc. Not only are they the worst housekeepers I've ever seen, but they charge the owner for Travel Agent Fees on top of their own.

They charge the owner for "credit card" use. And, they will charge the owner a minimun of $22.50 everytime they so much as set foot in the unit to do anything, all the while charging the owner $35.00 a month for maintenance that is never covered or done. They rip the owners off with the keyless entry crap.

Owners of Calypso units, need to understand that these people are absolutely ruining our investments, and they need to be removed from the premises. Suck!!! You bet they SUCK!! And we as owners, need to find other managers and run these SUCKERS off the premises.

Jim Pitts

Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 Stories for 2008 - NCC is #4

Top Stories for 2008 on PCBDAILY.COM

Jason Koertge has an interesting blog site (http://pcbdaily.com/) which has news and comments titled, Panama City Beach News and Information.

He recently named the top 10 stories for 2008 on his blog.

Nautilus Cove is one of the 3 articles dealing with problems at local condos and the condo market as a whole.

We are #4 on the list of ten, with Koertge's initial input on the situation and 30 'comments' from readers.

The direct click on link to the NCC story is: http://pcbdaily.com/?p=3151


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Panama City Beach, Florida

Saturday, December 27, 2008

If you are one of the hundreds of owners, realtors or members of the media who recently received a post card from me, I want to thank you for taking the time to look at this blog.

These sites were established to let owners and realtors know just how irresponsible Waterstone is in the rental of their owned or managed condos. You will read about how they rented out their owned condos at Nautilus Cove Condos in PCB to tenants who used at least 3 of the 4 units to house up to 7 overseas workers in each unit. Making a dormotory out of what are residential usage condos.

When it was repeatedly pointed out to them that this was in violation of at least 3 sections of our condo documents they simply ignored me and months later also ignored my attorney. This matter is now in court in the Circuit Court in Bay County (Case: 08-2529-CA).
see: http://nautiluscovesuit2008.blogspot.com/

If you are an owner using Waterstone to rent out your condos or if you are unlucky enough to live under or next to one of their units, you should be very concerned about who is living in the units and you should be put on notice that if the renters cause damage to your condo that Waterstone has a track record of ignoring complaints and that they are not interested in fixing damages. Deal with Waterstone at your own risk!!!


Man challenges Destin’s Waterstone with lawsuit over foreign workers

August 13, 2008 by: Fraser Sherman

Bill Harris says he’d have been much happier if he could have avoided a lawsuit over alleged illegal rentals in Panama City Beach’s Nautilus Cove Condominiums."I’m 62 years old and I’ve never sued anyone in my life," Harris, who filed suit last month, told The Log. "It was only after nine to 10 months of complaints that I hired an attorney — at that time I thought that just paying $300 for attorney letters to the board of directors and Waterstone (Resorts) would finally do the trick."

Harris, who hired Destin attorney R. Scott Whitehead http://www.whiteheadpa.com/index.jsp to represent him, said he’s still hoping to settle out of court, but although he’s been told the problems are resolved, he’s not yet convinced.Harris said that after moving into Nautilus Cove in May 2007, he noticed that the condo unit directly above his, owned by Waterstone Resorts Realty in Destin, held seven Asians working at a local resort.

Harris said he complained to Waterstone Resorts, which told him the condo had been rented to one individual and the problem would be dealt with. After leaving for a medical treatment, Harris said, "When I came back, three apartments were involved." After repeated complaints to the board of directors that this violated the condo association rules, Waterstone and the management company — none of whom returned The Log’s calls — Harris hired the Destin attorney to write to them as a "shot across the bows." When nothing changed, he filed in court.

The lawsuit names Waterstone, Nautilus Cove and two Waterstone employees as defendants. Since filing, Harris said, he’s been told "the situation is corrected, now they’re renting out more appropriately," but having been out of the area, he doesn’t know if it’s true. Harris said he’s willing to settle, but only if everyone on the other side agrees to the terms: "I want assurances that this is going to stop and enforce the documents as written. Plus I want my expenses to date paid."

Harris said he’s generally disappointed with Nautilus Cove because only half of the 168 units have sold and the rest are now being rented out so "I live in an apartment complex."Harris has also taken his fight to the Web, posting reports on the lawsuit and relevant documents to nautiluscovesuit2008.blogspot.com.
This story is available at:http://www.thedestinlog.com/news/lawsuit_5907___article.html/bill_says.html

Also take a look at:http://nautiluscondosrules.blogspot.com

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just in Bay County court I see suits by:

Panama Beach Services Case #08005450CA, filed 12/19/08 (boat sales/rentals)
Boyd Brothers Inc Case #08004334CC, filed 12/08/08 (a printing firm)
William Harris, Case #081565CA, 6/10/08 (condo owner)

The State of Florida has 4 active Warrants for delinquent sales and use taxes all filed 10/03/08:
Total due is $118,175.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Got Comments? Here is where to go:

Got something to say or post about Waterstone? Click on the "WaterstoneSucks!" Message Board link below, go there directly and then add your comments or information to it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Waterstone sued again!!!

Double click for larger image:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

500 Post Cards going out to Realtors in December:

Double click for larger image:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waterstone owes $118,175 for 4 liens to the State of Florida

These 4 liens are in the form of issued 'Warrants' for the collection of delinquent sales and use taxes in Bay County. Here is the largest of the 4:

Double click for larger image:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

From 'The Mule Capitol of the World' comes this nonsense:

Double click for larger images

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some back and forth via emails

Double click for larger image:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Double click for larger image

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Click on for direct links:

Bay County Fla Elected Officals:
Clerk of Court
Sheriff's Office
Supervisor of Elections
Property Appraiser

Govt. Websites:
The White House
House of Representatives
IRS Forms
Library of Congress
United States Post Office
Zip Codes
Social Security Administration
GOVBOT Database of US Government and Military Web Sites

Business Links:
Florida Dept of State at http://www.dos.state.fl.us/
Florida Small Business Development Center Network
US Patents & Trademark Office
US Small Business Administration

Fla Driver License Forms:
Address Change Form for Driver's License

Fla Motor Vehicle Forms:
Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration (HSMV-82040)
Application for Duplicate Title (HSMV-82101)
Application for Florida National Guard, U.S. Reserve, Ex-Prisoner of War, Pearl Harbor Application for Notice of Lien (HSMV-82139)
Application for Personalized License Plates (HSMV-83043)
Application for Replacement of License Plate/Decals (HSMV-83146)
Florida Insurance Affidavit
Form DHSMV 83039 (Handicapped Parking Permit Application)
License Plate Rate Chart
Lien Satisfaction
Notice of Sale of Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home or Vessel
Power of Attorney Form for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Vessel
Registration of Vehicle with Out-of-State Lien
Request Withhold Disclosure of Personal Information
Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification

Property Tax Forms:
2009 Installment Application

Monday, September 1, 2008

Calypso Towers - Are all Waterstone properties this bad????

You must be nuts if you want to stay at this place, the reviews tell the story, bad service at the front desk, dirty, parking sucks no luggage carts and the elevators take 20 min to arrive. I suggest you should stay away from this Waterstone property!

"Never Again!" dreajoy6
san antonio, tx Aug 18, 2007
I will never stay at any Waterstone property again, and I advise that you do not either. When we arrived at the resort for check in the balance the front desk had for us was $600 more than our confirmed balance with the reservation line. When I explained that to the front desk they smugly told me that they would... more


"will not return" renae114
gardendale, alabama Jul 29, 2007
when we arrived at 4:30, there was a line of 6-7 cars trying to unload in front of each tower. no carts were available, the security guards were barking for us to move our cars to the deck, the wait for the elevator was at least 20-30 minutes with only 1 out of the 3 working (for 23 floors!). problem... more


"Worst Time Ever....." pboe
south Aug 20, 2007
This was THE WORST vacation we ever had in PCB. The Calypso is a nice place but has MAJOR problems with personnal and management. Very rude. Do not call the front desk for anything because they do not care about anything you have to say. Our room was dirty. The grounds were dirty. Broken elevators. The TIKI bar which they... more


"NEVER AGAIN" siamesemich
michigan Mar 26, 2008
NEVER will I stay at the Calyso Resort again. The Front desk staff were rude and unfriendly. They acted like you were putting them out if you asked for anything. The security was very lean and could not handle all the problems that were going on. We stayed in Feb. and half of March and I was glad to leave.... more


"rent direct from an owner, save yourself the hassle from waterstone"
manesell nashville, tn.
Aug 29, 2008
we loved our unit at calypso. we took the advice from some other folks and rented from calypsobeachrentals.com. this is essentially an owner renting his units. we were able to check in long before the crowds gathered at the onsite rental company. in fact, they had our unit cleaned and ready by noon. the owner also provided us our own... more


"Too Big - Too Crowded" beach64
Cumming, GA Jul 29, 2008
Upon arrival we parked on the 3rd level of the parking deck. The deck is across from the towers. Low and behold there are no carts. None. I never saw an unused cart the entire trip. I think people hoard them in their rooms. We check in - first floor - wife goes ballistic, but after reading about elevator service... more


"decent property, not exceptional" will_the_thrill
Memphis Jul 27, 2008
Pros: convenient to pier park shopping development, new property, nice rooms, well-groomed property Cons: SLOW elevators, hardly any luggage carts available, inconvenient parking, approximately 25 chairs per pool (basically there is one chair per floor!), no depth to property - very narrow (unlike other properties on Thomas Drive) I booked this property thinking that it would be great to be... more


"Loved the Unit, Hated the Inconvenience" reedfamily
Northport, AL Jul 26, 2008
Calypso Condo's were absolutely beautiful, however several inconveniences will make sure that we do not stay there again. The elevators are extremely slow. We waited on average 15 minutes for a quick ride on the elevator. At times, we gave up and took the stairs. The hallways are very narrow, making passing impossible when you have luggage, groceries, etc. Luggage... more


"Pricey for what you get" sportsmgmt
Cumming, GA Jul 7, 2008
Just returned from a week with the family to PCB and Calypso Towers. We have been going to PCB for over 30 years and I felt overall the resort is nice but is not worth the amount you pay. We had (2) three bedroom units with six people in each unit. The units themselves are nice with a great view.... more


"Great ocean/beach location, condo units variable in upkeep"
FamilyTraveler3 Indiana, Pennsylvania Mar 28, 2008
The Calypso advertises itself as a more upscale condo complex on the west side of Panama City Beach. The location and beach are terrific. If you are looking for services that approach those found in mid-range hotels you should look elsewhere. While there is a front desk area, they do not go out of their way to be friendly or... more


"Nice resort with some major elevator issues" a_dpu
Indiana Sep 20, 2007
We stayed at the Calypso this past summer during our son's baseball tournament. We were on the 19th floor. I rented through an owner on VRBO. The 1bdrm with bunks unit was awesome. Very clean and beautifully decorated. The owner supplied everything including beach mats, towels, floats, boogie boards, etc. We had absolutely not complaints regarding the condition of our... more


"Would not return" msebasti missouri
Aug 4, 2007
This is not what I would consider a "resort". I will begin by saying that the condos were large, spacious and delightfully decorated. That is the best I can say about this facility. The condo was dirty, the common spaces were dirty and it didn't appear the windows had been cleaned in some time! Vomit lay in the hall for... more


"Worst trip to PCB ever!"
travelaholiclady Gadsden, AL Jul 19, 2007
We booked a 1br/ 2ba condo back in June. When we arrived they tried to charge me for a 2br/ 2ba and told me that they had no 1br/ 2ba condos left. The managenment would not believe me and told me that they needed proof. Luckily I had printed my email confirmation and brought it with me. They decided to... more


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