Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FYI: Waterstones Eviction from Calypso


Case 10-641-CC – Pelican Properties of South Walton sues Waterstone Resorts, LLC, to evict tenant Waterstone, and alleges that in Feb 2007, a verbal month to month lease was entered into.

On 2/10/10 Waterstone was served with a 15 day Notice to Terminate Tenancy. Waterstone did not vacate and remains on premises and refuses to surrender possession.

The summons was served on C. Anthony Edwards which resulted in attorney H. L. Perry to enter an Emergency Motion for a Stay of Writ and ask for a new hearing in the matter.

Waterstone objects to the Notice to Vacate and alleges a 6 year lease is in effect and that they have invested over $100,000 in upgrades to #102. Also that the information Pelican used in their original application was incorrect and a legal citation Pelican provided was later overturned and thus invalid.

The matter remains to be decided and W retains possession for now.

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