Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Regular readers of this blog are aware that an owner at NCC has sued both the BOD and Waterstone. Now there is a second civil suit in Bay County Court, this time Waterstone has filed against the same owner, complaining that said owner is hurting their corporate image.

This is difficult to do as the firm is now being sued by 2 other firms for not paying their bills, this over and above the owners suit, they have 4 liens against them for over $118,000 in unpaid sales and use taxes owed to the State of Florida, they are poorly rated by the BBB, various realty message boards have damaging comments about how bad they are and as of last week were so behind with their quarterly assessments on their 4 condos at NCC that they may have liens filed against them in just a few more days.

Here is a sample of what has already been filed by Waterstone.

Their application asks for a temporary injunction, permanent injunction and final judgment prohibiting the Defendant as follows:

a. further slandering, defaming or even naming the Plaintiff Waterstone Resorts LLC on any blog site, website or any other media outlet and avenue, rather it be his personal blog or website or any other blog or website;

b. order the Defendant to disable any and all blogs and websites operated by the Defendant;

c. to provide a list to the Court of all parties the Defendant contacted by email, phone or any other form of communication in relation to Plaintiff Waterstone Resorts LLC.

In addition to asking for injunctive relief, damages unspecified they also demand a 'public apology'. The whole thing runs about 40 pages, but only 7 are the actual text.

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