Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waterstone at Calypso

I have a good number of blogs a few of them dealing with Waterstone, many of them have a direct click on link to a site where you can post about Waterstone http://pub19.bravenet.com/forum/1625886802. In checking today I found the below post which says better than I ever could just why Waterstone SUCKS - here it is FYI:

Author Comment Jim Pitts
Jan 4, 09 - 5:36 PM

Waterstone Sucks- I am an owner at Calypso. I had my unit with Waterstone. I've never stayed in the unit myself, but did inspect it three times last year and each time it was dirty. The first two times, I informed the desk and asked that they have the unit re-cleaned. I never checked back to see if it was done.

In Nov I again inspected the unit, it was not just dirty. It was filthy!! The carpet was so dirty, it had to be replaced. There was filth everywhere. The walls were marked up, dust and dirt caked on baseboards, light bulbs. Even the toaster was dirty. I was so disgusted, I gave the Waterstone office a handwritten note right then and told them they were fired.

They did not acknowledge the note, I sent them an email and again they did not respond. Finally on Nov 11, I sent them a certified letter telling them they were no longer to rent my unit and if they had renters, to put them elsewhere. I then undertook the job of totally renewing the unit with new carpet, paint, etc. Not only are they the worst housekeepers I've ever seen, but they charge the owner for Travel Agent Fees on top of their own.

They charge the owner for "credit card" use. And, they will charge the owner a minimun of $22.50 everytime they so much as set foot in the unit to do anything, all the while charging the owner $35.00 a month for maintenance that is never covered or done. They rip the owners off with the keyless entry crap.

Owners of Calypso units, need to understand that these people are absolutely ruining our investments, and they need to be removed from the premises. Suck!!! You bet they SUCK!! And we as owners, need to find other managers and run these SUCKERS off the premises.

Jim Pitts

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